Since the second half of 2004, all products are manufactured in the can number 8 (325 g) have the proud name of “OVA”.

This is a new brand name, located in the upper right corner of each label is for us essential. The “OVA” is our favorite kind of quality sign of the national product.

Products under the brand name “OVA” we produce on 2 factories. It is a well known factories “BaltPromMyaso” and “Deima”. Choose any of the products from a vast range of these factories and know this: the trademark “OVA” guarantees you a quality product! In order to attract to the brand “OVA” further attention from dealers and customers, we are bringing to market canned meat 3 new positions from each of the factories.

  • Canned beef “OVA” superior grade
  • Canned beef “OVA” 1st grade
  • Canned pork “OVA”

Original colorful label, GOST prescription and most importantly more attractive price – are the strengths of the new products.

We sincerely hope and believe that all positive emotions from work with our company, will be transferred to the trademark “OVA”.

Good luck to you!