1st of May – Day of the workers!

This holiday is important to anyone who was born and raised in the Soviet Union. Demonstrations and special atmosphere remains in the memory of each of us. Let this day bring you pleasant feelings and memories. Be always surrounded by good people. Not only during the holidays but every day of your life with atmosphere of joy! Happiness, health and a wonderful mood in a gorgeous holiday!

Happy Easter!

The Resurrection of Christ is seen by Orthodox believers as the main symbol of rebirth, moral duty of loyalty and hope. Easter fully embodies the universal values – goodness, mercy and humanity. It appears peoples desire for peace, harmony and creativity, reveal the best human qualities.

In Russia Easter – one of the most respected holidays. Bright Easter warms the hearts of the people, inspired to do good deeds and actions. Ideals and values, formed under the influence of Orthodoxy are a solid foundation for the spiritual revival of the people.

Agroindustrial Holding “OVA” congratulates you on Easter. We wish you the fulfillment of all the hopes and good beginnings, peace, kindness and love!