Dear colleagues, partners and customers! Answers to current questions

1. What happens in the production of agricultural Holding “OVA” during the period of self-isolation? How do people work, how do they take precautions?
Full compliance with safety measures is a mandatory measure for food production, regardless of the pandemic situation in the country and the World. Strict access control, disinfection of equipment and premises, wearing special clothing (dressing gowns, overalls, gloves, hats, shoes) they have always existed in our production. Now, the security measures have been added to the wearing of masks by all personnel, additional treatment of equipment with means of disinfection and medical control of employees at the entrance. If symptoms of SARS are detected or even just ailments, the employee is not allowed to work and can only return to work after passing a medical examination. In addition, the employees are required to treat this situation with understanding and responsibility, observe precautions in the home, look after their health.

In addition, we would like to remind you that in the production of canned meat in the process of sterilization and cooking in autoclaves, a temperature of 120 degrees is used. When the temperature killed all the microorganisms. According to the latest data, the maximum temperature that the COVID-19 virus can withstand is 92 degrees. Thus, the presence of the virus in our finished products is completely excluded.

2. What will happen to product prices?
The current market-wide trend in the category of canned meat is a rise in prices. This is primarily due to the increase in raw material prices. OVA agricultural holding has its own raw material base, and the price of raw materials is insured against growth. In addition, for us, maintaining the price level is a matter of social responsibility, but we also closely monitor the development of the economic situation.

3. Will production volumes decrease, will there be enough stew for everyone?
Our production volumes are growing. OVA agricultural holding plans to continue to fulfill all orders, and there will be no shortage of our products in retail.