Russian-Emirati food trade after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic

Against the background of food security risks associated with the pandemic, in 2020, the United Arab Emirates adopted Law No. 3 on the creation of strategic food reserves in emergencies, crises and natural disasters. The law provides for the creation of reserves through the efforts of food suppliers and distributors who undertake to create and replenish a strategic food supply, supply the market if necessary, and organize distribution in accordance with plans developed by the National emergency management office in coordination with the Ministry of economy of the United Arab Emirates. Under these conditions, there are additional opportunities to expand the share of Russian products in the UAE food market.

23.06.2020 G. The webinar “Russian-Emirati food trade after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic” was held. the event was Organized by the chambers of Commerce and industry of Moscow and Dubai with the support of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation and The Russian food house in the UAE. The webinar was attended by representatives of Emirati and Russian government agencies responsible for the development of international trade and food exports.

The event was attended by Russian food producers and exporters, as well as trading companies in the UAE.



Mr.Omar Khan

Director of International offices of Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Mr.Suren Vardanyan

Vice-president of Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Mr.Mohammed Bin Sulaiman

Senior Manager of the Business Relations Departament of Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Mr.Dmitriy Krasnov

Head of the FGBU « Agroexport» (subdivision of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia)


Mr.Sergey Vologodskiy

Vice-president of the Russian Export Center (Federal export development agency of Russia)


Mr.Alexei Busev

Manager of the Russian Food House in Dubai, Chairman of the Russia – UAE Committee of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce & Industry


Mr. Khuri Issa

Managing director of Mirak Group, representative of the Dubai group of fruit and vegetable traders.



Dear customers, partners and colleagues! We congratulate You on the holiday-the day of Russia!

On June 12, we celebrate the youngest state holiday — the day of Russia. Russia day has become a symbol of a new country, a symbol of unity and responsibility for the past and present. We wish everyone health, happiness in their families, prosperity and success in business! We are confident that only together our companies can achieve the highest results and ensure a better future. Happy holidays!


Kaliningrad oblast has been the leader in dairy production, Russia

The average milk yield from one cow per day in the region is 24.8 kilograms. This is almost 1.4 times higher than the national average

According to the Ministry of agriculture of Russia, such an important indicator of the development of the dairy industry, as the milk yield per cow per day, is on average 18.35 kilograms in the country. There are 21 regions with more than 20 kilograms of milk per cow. The Kaliningrad region has traditionally been among the leaders.

According to the regional Ministry of agriculture, thanks to the introduction of advanced technologies and the use of the latest breeding achievements, the Kaliningrad region has consistently been one of the leaders in the development of the dairy industry in Russia over the past few years.

According to the Ministry of agriculture of the region, the need for whole milk is provided for 100 %, the supply of deep-processed dairy products (cheeses, cottage cheese products) is about 80 %. At the same time, the self-sufficiency of residents of the region for dairy products has increased to 80% since 2014 from 55 %.

To increase the availability of milk and dairy products in the region, a new dairy complex of the group of companies “Zalesskoye Moloko” is being put into operation for 3,900 heads of dairy cattle. It is expected that the volume of milk production here will reach about 25 thousand tons per year. Since 2019, farms are being gradually equipped with breeding cattle of specialized dairy Holstein breed. This work is planned to be completed in 2020. In parallel, the zalesskoye Moloko group has implemented a project to build a highly specialized breeding and genetic center with the content of Holstein bulls. Ministry of agriculture of the Kaliningrad region

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