The Russian Agricultural Bank starts financing the construction of an apartment building in the Polessky district

The Kaliningrad branch has signed a loan agreement with kAshtanovka LLC for the construction of a 36-apartment residential building in the village of Zalesye, Polessky district.
Financing of a low-rise apartment building is the second project in the territory of the Russian Federation, implemented with the participation of JSC “Russian Agricultural Bank”. The Bank is an authorized bank in the implementation of the state program of the Russian Federation for the Integrated Development of Rural Areas for the period 2020 – 2025 to improve the quality of life and the level of well-being of the rural population and became the first participant in the new mechanism of preferential lending within the framework of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated December 24, 2019 No. 1804 “On approval of the Rules for granting subsidies from the Federal budget to Russian credit organizations, international financial organizations and the State Development Corporation “VEB.The Russian Federation” to compensate for the income they have not received on loans (loans) issued to individual entrepreneurs and organizations registered in rural areas (rural agglomerations), for the development of engineering and transport infrastructure, construction of residential buildings at a preferential rate.”
The construction of a three-storey two-section residential building is an example of modern integrated development of rural areas. The purpose of the project is to create comfortable conditions for employees of the large agro-industrial holding “Zalesye”, which has been cooperating with RSHB since 2002 and jointly implements investment projects with the bank. The volume of the loan portfolio currently exceeds 7.5 billion rubles.
“The loan agreement for construction was concluded with kAshtanovka LLC, which is part of the Zalesye Agricultural Complex. Our client has successfully implemented 2 investment projects for the construction of dairy cattle breeding complexes with the financial participation of the bank in the amount of 4 billion rubles. The amount of financing for the construction of an apartment building is 128.5 million rubles. The project is designed for 10 years,” commented Vladimir Vlasenko, Head of the Department for working with large business clients of the Kaliningrad branch of RSHB.
“The construction of an apartment building is aimed at creating comfortable living conditions for specialists in the field of agriculture, both attracted from other regions and residents of our region. When a specialist has solved the housing issue, he is confident in the future and directs his forces to creation. Thanks to the support of the Rosselkhoznadzor, we will be able to provide safe, modern and comfortable living conditions for those who choose such a complex, responsible, and very important for all activities to ensure the food security of our country,” said Andrey Romanov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of APH “Zalesye”.
“Integrated development is a new reality in the development of rural areas, a unique project, the implementation of which will improve the quality of life, will help attract qualified personnel,” said Inessa Musina, director of the branch Inessa Musina.