OVA company regularly participates in the leading Russian and international tradeshows where it always nominates its products in various competitions receiving well-deserved medals and commemorative diploma. The company actively participates in various sector-specific government and regional forums where it has an opportunity, in a direct dialogue, to bring home to competitors and representatives of government institutions its initiatives on development of Russian agricultural sector, social projects and other significant initiatives.

With the view of development of a non-production activities area and external influence to the life of the region, during the “Days of Kaliningrad region” in the Federation Council in December 2006, OVA agroindustrial holding conducted an exhibition and presentation timed to the 60th anniversary of the region and aimed at discussion in detail of the following theme: “Status and prospects of the social and economic development of the Kaliningrad region”.

In addition, this work can be exemplified by the participation of the company in jubilee agro-industrial forum “Golden Fall”, where OVA representatives were a part of the Kaliningrad delegation led by the regional Minister for agriculture and fishery Andrey Romanov. “Golden Fall” is a leading national and international forum where experts from all over the world discuss topical issues of agricultural complex development and rural and feed production growth. In the framework of the exhibition, there were round table meetings organized with the participation of the head of the Ministry for Agriculture of the Russian Federation, including the one addressing the “Global agricultural market challenges and food supply security” theme; the first international theoretical and practical conference “Strategy of improvement of material status and technological level of agricultural producers”; presentation of a target program project “Development of dairy cattle-breeding and increase in milk output in Russia in the period of 2009-2012”.

Young experts are the future of the agriculture. Education of qualified personnel is one of the main priorities of the governmental agriculture policy. OVA understands perfectly well that there is a need to attract young experts in agriculture, production and management to the sector.

In addition, as well as any other producer, OVA understands the need to educate personnel for it to be able to promote and popularize the production of the company on the market. Working as an agroindustrial holding, OVA strives to decrease its dependence on the external factors, including the provision of the personnel. OVA trains most of its experts on its own by sending the prospective employees to study in the core institutes of higher education, constantly organizing trainings for personality and professional development carried out by the best experts in the fields. Trainings and conferences are organized not only for the directly employed personnel but also for the employees for the big distribution companies on the local markets to give them a better understanding of the concept of the company and its brands, to inspire them with the cultural meaning of the brands and to increase their motivation in working with the company’s product range.


Thanks to its high quality and advanced manufacturing technologies, OVA production is highly esteemed by the consumers and experts.

OVA is a long-time leader in numerous contests and wins various prizes for quality and range of its products. Canned food produced by OVA regularly wins medals and diplomas in prestigious international exhibitions.

Prodexpo 2023 Exhibition


All–Russian Field Day – 2022

Dmitry Patrushev discussed the development of the agro-industrial complex of the Kaliningrad region with the head of the region Anton Alikhanov
July 29, 2022
The Minister of Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev and the Governor of the Kaliningrad region Anton Alikhanov held a working meeting within the framework of the exhibition “All–Russian Field Day – 2022”. The parties discussed the results and prospects for the development of the agro-industrial complex and rural areas, the course of the harvesting campaign and preparation for the new season, the development of the reclamation complex and other relevant topics.

In 2021, a record harvest of open and closed ground vegetables, fruits and berries was obtained in the Kaliningrad region. The collections of an important export crop – rapeseed – have increased.

Now regional farmers have already started harvesting a new crop, the campaign is running normally. According to the head of the Ministry of Agriculture, grain yield currently exceeds 65 kg per hectare. This is an impressive indicator, which should affect the final volumes. The yield growth largely depends on the level of mineral fertilizers, and in this matter the Kaliningrad region is among the leaders. Last year’s figure was 165 kg per hectare, and plans for the current one are even higher.

In addition, the issue of putting land into circulation and the development of land reclamation is of particular importance. This year, 18 projects worth 70 million rubles will be financed in the region within the framework of the profile state program.

Speaking about the important tasks for the region in the field of crop production, the Minister noted that, taking into account the geographical location, special attention should be paid to increasing the production of potatoes and vegetables. “The Kaliningrad region should achieve sustainable self-sufficiency in these products. In addition, issues of high-quality preparation for winter sowing and sowing in 2023 should be under special control, especially given the existing logistical difficulties. I ask you to personally make sure that the issues regarding the import of seeds, fertilizers, plant protection products, machinery and spare parts are resolved,” Dmitry Patrushev stressed.

As for animal husbandry, positive dynamics is recorded in the production of livestock, poultry and milk both at the end of last year and for 6 months of this year.

In general, these indicators had a positive impact on the agricultural production index – in 2021 it exceeded 105%. In addition, wages in the industry are also growing. The Ministry of Agriculture expects that the trends will continue this year.

“The agro-industrial complex is one of the key sectors of the Kaliningrad Region’s economy, which ensures food security. In recent years, our agro-industry has demonstrated consistently high indicators. We do not stop and continue to plan and implement new projects. Our achievements are largely due to the support and attention of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia. I would like to thank you separately for the decision to hold the main event of the industry in our region,” Anton Alikhanov said.

The issues of state support for farmers were discussed separately at the meeting. Last year, 1.7 billion rubles were allocated to the subject for these purposes, bringing it to 99.8%. In 2022, the amount of funds has been increased to 1.8 billion rubles.


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Happy New Russia Day!


New! Halal products

We are pleased to present to your attention canned meat “Halal”, made in compliance with the norms of Islam. Beef stew is made from meat of the highest category with careful observance of the established rules at all stages of production. Product certification is guaranteed:
1. The system of voluntary certification of products, services and tourism “Halal”. A certificate of conformity has been issued Registration No. ROSS RU.32530.04XLL0.OS06.19796, valid from 05.05.2022 to 04.05.2025.
2. The system of voluntary certification “International Certification and Testing Center”. The certification body for products and services “Halal” LLC “Bashkir Certification and Testing Center. Certificate of Conformity No. ROSS RU.31878.04STE0.H00467, valid from 01.06.2022 to 31.05.2025



Happy Victory Day!


Happy Victory Day!

May 9 is the day when we thank everyone who gave us peace and freedom, fought at the front and in the rear, revived the country in the difficult post-war years.

Decades pass, generations change, but the Great Victory, as a symbol of national pride, military glory and valor of our people, remains in our hearts.

On this day, I would like to wish a peaceful sky over your head and that happiness, stability and well-being always reign in your homes and families!