OVA company regularly participates in the leading Russian and international tradeshows where it always nominates its products in various competitions receiving well-deserved medals and commemorative diploma. The company actively participates in various sector-specific government and regional forums where it has an opportunity, in a direct dialogue, to bring home to competitors and representatives of government institutions its initiatives on development of Russian agricultural sector, social projects and other significant initiatives.

With the view of development of a non-production activities area and external influence to the life of the region, during the “Days of Kaliningrad region” in the Federation Council in December 2006, OVA agroindustrial holding conducted an exhibition and presentation timed to the 60th anniversary of the region and aimed at discussion in detail of the following theme: “Status and prospects of the social and economic development of the Kaliningrad region”.

In addition, this work can be exemplified by the participation of the company in jubilee agro-industrial forum “Golden Fall”, where OVA representatives were a part of the Kaliningrad delegation led by the regional Minister for agriculture and fishery Andrey Romanov. “Golden Fall” is a leading national and international forum where experts from all over the world discuss topical issues of agricultural complex development and rural and feed production growth. In the framework of the exhibition, there were round table meetings organized with the participation of the head of the Ministry for Agriculture of the Russian Federation, including the one addressing the “Global agricultural market challenges and food supply security” theme; the first international theoretical and practical conference “Strategy of improvement of material status and technological level of agricultural producers”; presentation of a target program project “Development of dairy cattle-breeding and increase in milk output in Russia in the period of 2009-2012”.

Young experts are the future of the agriculture. Education of qualified personnel is one of the main priorities of the governmental agriculture policy. OVA understands perfectly well that there is a need to attract young experts in agriculture, production and management to the sector.

In addition, as well as any other producer, OVA understands the need to educate personnel for it to be able to promote and popularize the production of the company on the market. Working as an agroindustrial holding, OVA strives to decrease its dependence on the external factors, including the provision of the personnel. OVA trains most of its experts on its own by sending the prospective employees to study in the core institutes of higher education, constantly organizing trainings for personality and professional development carried out by the best experts in the fields. Trainings and conferences are organized not only for the directly employed personnel but also for the employees for the big distribution companies on the local markets to give them a better understanding of the concept of the company and its brands, to inspire them with the cultural meaning of the brands and to increase their motivation in working with the company’s product range.


Thanks to its high quality and advanced manufacturing technologies, OVA production is highly esteemed by the consumers and experts.

OVA is a long-time leader in numerous contests and wins various prizes for quality and range of its products. Canned food produced by OVA regularly wins medals and diplomas in prestigious international exhibitions.


Russian Agricultural Exhibition “Golden Autumn”

Dmitry Medvedev visited the stand of the Kaliningrad region at the Golden Autumn agricultural exhibition
From October 9 to October 12, the Golden Autumn Autumn Agricultural Exhibition was held in Moscow at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements of Ukraine, dedicated to the celebration of the Day of the Worker of Agriculture and Processing Industry. The event is traditionally attended by the Kaliningrad region.
The exhibition presents key investment projects implemented in the region, products that reflect the main trends in the development of the agricultural sector and the fishery complex.
The Governor of the Kaliningrad Region Anton Alikhanov informed on the state of these industries, development plans of the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev.
The head of the region announced the construction of a breeding and genetic center and a new dairy complex for 3,900 head of cattle, the projects of which were presented to Dmitry Medvedev a year ago during the Golden Autumn. A new dairy complex is being built in order to ensure food security of the region for milk and dairy products, and the creation of a breeding and genetic center is an important step in the development of dairy farming. This is a unique project for Russia, the launch of which in the long term will create a domestic fund of genetic resources that affect the increase in milk production, increase the efficiency and competitiveness of animal husbandry in the country, and create an alternative to the import of cattle. Both projects are implemented by the Zalesskoye Milk group of companies.
Anton Alikhanov also emphasized that the Kaliningrad region is one of the three leading subjects of the Russian Federation in average milk yield per cow per day – 22.6 kilograms.
Another indicator by which the region is one of the country’s undisputed leaders is the productivity of grain crops. According to operational data, the average yield of grain and leguminous crops is 50.8 centners per hectare – this is the second result in Russia.
Dmitry Medvedev was also presented with a project of an MSTR type vessel (small seiner fishing trawler), which was developed by Kaliningrad designers from Adomat LLC for Kaliningrad fishermen (Marfish LLC) specifically for fishing in the Baltic. The ship is already being built at one of the shipyards in the region. The trawler is characterized by high efficiency indicators, the total volume of liquid tanks will be 200 cubic meters, and the envisaged volume of fish catch reaches 1,000 tons per month. Demonstrating this project to the head of the federal government, Anton Alikhanov announced his intention to build a series of such vessels and asked for expanded support for the construction of a fishing fleet in the part of small vessels for coastal fishing.
Anton Alikhanov noted that the region has achieved self-sufficiency in key positions; currently, one of the key vectors of development of the agricultural industry is the export direction.



Ministry of Agriculture of the Kaliningrad region and Crimea agreed on cooperation
The corresponding agreement was concluded on October 10 during the key agricultural exhibition of Russia “Golden Autumn” in Moscow.
The document was signed by the ministers of agriculture of the regions Natalya Shevtsova and Andrei Ryumshin. During the working meeting, mutual interest was noted in the establishment and development of trade, economic, scientific and technical ties in order to increase the efficiency of agricultural production. In particular, the agreement provides for the exchange of experience in introducing advanced technologies, promoting the expansion of mutually beneficial supplies of agricultural products, materials and equipment.
Natalya Shevtsova noted that the Kaliningrad region occupies a leading position in the Russian Federation in the development of the agro-industrial complex, and the signed agreement opens up new opportunities for the industry.
“We are interested in interaction with all regions of the country – primarily for the marketing of our own products, for the development of its promotion. The Republic of Crimea is in completely different climatic conditions – we are interested in those products that we ourselves cannot grow and produce. This agreement will allow us to interact more effectively and ultimately bring good results for residents of the Kaliningrad region, ”said Natalya Shevtsova.








Results of the exhibition Prodexpo – 2018

Friends, 25th, anniversary international exhibition of food, beverages and raw materials for their production, traditionally held in the Expocentre Fairgrounds, was completed. This is the most authoritative exhibition in the Russian food industry. Agroindustrial holding “OVA” was glad to meet with colleagues from all over our large country on its fully renovated stand, to discuss prospects for cooperation and development. We also presented a new collection of premium products under the TM “Russian refinement” in the glass, as well as a line of ready-made second and first dishes under TM “OVA”. We will be glad to see you again at the exhibition Prodexpo – 2018!FullSizeRender-6FullSizeRender-5FullSizeRender-4FullSizeRender-3FullSizeRender-2FullSizeRender-1FullSizeRenderb9018a4e-def5-4831-addc-6e34aadffed50944af0b-a843-420a-98da-1104a36a6086269e9a03-7c81-4b31-aa3b-3f550aad6d2d381dd9df-af13-425b-9bfc-7e66a2c7c9917e03e415-4f77-458b-b59b-089f2ea532f2