Twenty five years ago, Russia began the new era of great changes.

Global change affected all sides of national life: politics, economics, education, art, etc.

The country has been on the road to democratic change. The transition to self-determination and market economy, helped develop a young, energetic companies that built their businesses based on their own views and vision for market development, which later enabled them to identify trends in the development of entire industries.

Today, despite the overall economic stabilization processes, there has been an active «building» in the food market in Russia.

Russian companies have embarked on to improve production processes and gradually moving away from the «Soviet» business. Felt the strong expansion of Western companies and realized the need for change, today agro is one of the most dynamic sectors in and around which focused the public interest.

We are creating this page, have decided to openly express their views on all the processes occurring in the agricultural sector in general and in a segment of the meat conservation in particular. Here we will raise and discuss those issues that we, as one of the leading agro-industrial complexes of Russia, seem interesting and significant not only for the direct market, but also for ordinary consumers. We will give our assessment of what is happening, to comment on the political process and adopted regulations. We do not pretend that our opinion is only right, we simply express our attitude on to suschim issues. Our opinion may be the same or opposite to views of other market participants. But it is our opininon and we consider that it’s our duty to bring it to our partners, customers, competitors and other interested persons.

The ability to freely express opinion which is different from the others — has given us the benefit of the constitution and democracy, and we want to realize this right without regard to others, relying only on our findings and judgments.

We hope this section will help many to understand the meaning of what is happening in the agro-industrial complex of Russia, will help better track the market trends and to identify problems or weaknesses of political and economic decision-making. Also, we plan to highlight in this section, social programs, issues and initiatives that may or may not relate directly to the agro, but are in close consultation with the political and economic development of Russia.