Social responsibility is a voluntary taking of initiative, performance of civil duty and meeting global social challenges.

OVA agroindustrial holding does not only produce food. It understands that its main resource are the people who work for it. That is why the care about its employees and their personal and professional growth and self-realization is always one of the main priorities of the company. It was through the understanding of the role of the company in the development of personhood of a single employee that the company recognized the need to assume great social responsibilities to the society. Today as never before OVA management clearly understands and accepts the effects of its social activities performed in the interests of certain social groups and persons.

The company considers help and care for World War II veterans as its primary goal and sacred duty. In different cities of the country — Moscow, Samara, Tver, Tula and other — the company annually congratulates war veterans on the Victory Day. As a modest gift, we present the production of the OVA enterprises to the veterans. The ones to receive congratulations and gifts from the OVA company are the members of Samara «Children for the Battlefront» Society which unites home front worker veterans who were under aged during the time of the War.

Taking active part in social programs, OVA was partly charged with catering to children in «Big Adventure». A charitable health foundation «Adventure Club» under the direction of the well-known Russian travelers Dmitry and Matvey Shparo for eight years now have been organizing a youth ecological camp «Big Adventure» under the auspices of the Governments of Moscow and the Republic of Karelia. The Camp receives orphans, schoolchildren from special education schools, teenagers finding themselves in difficult circumstances, i. e. all those who need social support.

In addition, OVA annually takes part in significant social activities. For example, in February 2008 the company participated in organization of a youth sport fest in the framework of «2008: The Year of the Family» program announced by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

OVA has big plans for its social activities. The most important thing is that we understand that in times of crisis it is more than ever necessary to support those deprived of attention and care.