“BaltPromMyaso” meat processing plant

The «BaltPromMyaso» meat processing plant (Kaliningrad region) was opened in 2000. It has the following main directions of work – processing of raw meat and production of canned meat and pates. Annually «BaltPromMyaso» increases its average capacity, now reaching 5 100 000 conditional cans per month or 61 200 000 cans per year. BaltPromMyaso is a producer of such brands of meat products as «Russian crotchet», «Sweet home», «Everybody to the table», «OBA», «Crown of Baltic».

The production areas of this plant are equipped with most high-capacity machinery meeting modern requirements and production needs. Boiler-house of the plant is equipped with 3 boilers – 2 Vapoprex HR 800 vapor boilers and 1 water-heating PREXTERM 550 boiler. Meat is crunched in Kremer+Grebe cutters. Other equipment mounted at the plant: meat packaging automat B2-ФНА, Б4-КЗК-79А-2М automatic beading machine and KM-2-125 washer.

A special mechanical service ensures the continuous functioning of the whole technological base of the plant. The «BaltPromMyaso» plant is strictly observing the ecological regulations: the manufacturing waters are purified twice – first at local treatment works with capacity of 100 m3 per day, then – at external treatment works with capacity of 2700 m3 per day.

“Deima” meat processing plant

The Deima meat processing plant (Kaliningrad region) is situated on the bank of the Deima river near the Kurshky bay. It’s a modern enterprise equipped with modern machinery manufactured in Germany, Poland and Russia and employing the most up-to-date technologies. The brands «Russian crotchet» and «OBA» are produced at this plant.

Large production volumes and stable quality of the «Deima» production are achieved due the continuous process employing modern basket-free retorts. A Languth tagging machine keeps the labeling capacity at the level of 5 cans per second.

In 2006 a large scale modernization was accomplished at the plant. The product quality and total productivity were substantially increased after it. Air condition systems have been fitted with blockages keeping the insects from getting into the manufacturing departments and maintaining the constantly comfortable climate. Also the personnel facilities have been modernized with the aim to create most comfortable conditions for rest between the shifts.

There is a strict control of raw material storage conditions at the plant. Besides the conventional measures, it includes UV sterility treatment and utilization of defrosting chambers. The plant closely controls the environmental protection of the native zone where it is located.

“Zalesskoye Moloko” Joint Stock Company

Found in 2002, the Zalesskoye Moloko Company set a prime task – to bring into use the desolated long-fallow lands and recover their fertility. During the period of activity of the plant, the square of the exploitable lands have grown from 1917 to 5110 hectare (data on the end of 2006). By the end of 2007 the square of these lands is scheduled to increase up to 7200 hectares. 80% of crops would be carried out applying a resourse-saving tilth.

In 2007, for further specialization and concentration of production, an industrial group «Zalesye» was established on the basis of JSC «Zalesskoye moloko». It includes the following enterprises:

  • JSC «Zalesskoye moloko» – production of grain and rape;
  • Corporation «Novoye Vysokovskoye» – cattle breeding and fodder production;
  • Corporation «Zalessky Agroservice» – IT maintenance of the «Zalesye» group and other natural and juridical persons.

The industrial group «Zalesye» uses the innovative techniques and modern equipment of the trade marks John Deere, Lemken, Amazone, Horsch. Much attention is paid to fodder production, where the AG-BAG technology is applied for preservation of nutrients.

In cattle breeding we make the accent at nurturing the cubs. Food allowances developed by the specialists of the enterprise enable to obtain an 800-1000 g overweight per day. The project of supporting dairy farming in 2006-2010, developed by the specialists of the enterprise, is upheld by governmental program «Development of agro-industrial complex in Russia».

«Zalesskoye Moloko» pays much attention to social component of its activities. Remuneration of labor and number of workplaces are constantly growing. We are planning to construct 12 houses for the personnel within the limits of the program «Social development of rural area up to 2010».

One more promising task for the specialists of the «Zalesskoye Moloko» is attracting the investors for realization of semi-products and ready to use products, what can increase the profitability of production by 25-30%.

“Soveren” LLC.

In 2009 we have finished construction of a new meat processing factory “Soveren” (Kaliningrad region). Plant “Soveren” is located on the banks of the river Deima. Modern factory and modern production technology. Today “Soveren” produce meat products of such brands as “Russkiy Izysk”, “Gurmyaso”, “OVA”, “Spetsproyekt”, “Extra.” Production capacity – 2 mln. cans in a month.