Answer questions

We continue to answer consumer questions about our products.

1. Does the composition of canned OVA include flavorings, dyes, preservatives?

Flavorings, dyes and preservatives are not used in our production, and this is why: the recipe of stew includes natural components that give their excellent aromatics-meat, Bay leaf, onions, black pepper. It doesn’t make sense to give the stew a different, unnatural smell.
Dyes for stewed meat only harm, natural meat color indicates the quality of the product, and its artificial change will immediately cause questions and doubts of consumers. And as for preservatives-they are simply not needed in the production of canned meat, all pathogenic microflora is destroyed at the stage of cooking the product at a high temperature.

2. what raw materials are used for the production of canned food? Is it true that old or rejected animals are being slaughtered?
We use fresh meat from trusted local suppliers, thereby reducing delivery time and reducing the cost of the finished product. For example, beef stew uses beef of the first and second categories. Compliance with these categories places high demands on raw meat. The use of deliberately old or rejected animals is impractical – the production cycle is continuous and we can’t wait for the cow to grow old.

3. Added in the part substitutes for animal protein?
First of all, we have a sufficient amount of natural meat raw materials at our disposal. We use it to the full, without going down the path of reducing the price of the product and reducing its quality. In addition, our products meet state standards that do not provide for the use of animal protein substitutes.