The Government of the Kaliningrad region discussed the development of export of agricultural products




The meeting was held on July 13 and brought together representatives of the agro-industrial and fishing industries-the leaders of the region in foreign economic activity.

The event was attended by Roman Chekushov, Director of the Department for export development of agricultural products of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation, to develop measures of state support that will expand exports.

It should be noted that by 2024, the Kaliningrad region has committed to increase the export rate of agricultural products to 2,205 billion us dollars. In 2019, the export of food products from the region amounted to 1.26 billion us dollars. At the same time, the region accounts for a third of the total export of agricultural products from the North-Western Federal district and 5% of the export of all agricultural products in Russia. The main exports from the Kaliningrad region are products of the oil and fat industry, cereals, fish and seafood.

“I would like to note that last year our farmers set a record for the production of grain crops in the entire history of the Kaliningrad region at 680.4 thousand tons, which allowed us to increase the export of Kaliningrad grain by 2.2 times, which amounted to 48.8 million us dollars,” Natalia Shevtsova said. – Our region has already gone beyond self-sufficiency with key products, we produce much more than we consume. We see other regions of Russia as our sales markets and strive to develop exports.”

“We are facing ambitious export targets both in the country as a whole and in the Kaliningrad region. Therefore, it is extremely important to understand how to effectively help businesses increase the volume of deliveries, including deep processing products, so that the added value remains in the region and in our country,” Roman Chekushov said.

The Director Of the Department of export development of agricultural products of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation listened to the proposals of Kaliningrad business. Transport issues were identified as one of the key difficulties in expanding export supplies.

Roman Chemesov also announced active measures to support exporters, among them preferential loans, subsidies, transport costs, costs for certification of products