«GURMYASO» is top class canned meat. Historically, the cuisine of our government leaders has always been famous for superior quality of food supplied for cooking. In the 2nd half of the 20th century, special emphasis was laid on development and observation of quality standards, and canned products acquired a particularly high status, in line with expectations of experienced end users. We in «OVA» have saved and observed the quality standards of the products that used to be supplied
to the government kitchen; now we are oering them to you as selection canned meat delicacies.

Canned meat products «GURMYASO» are for those who enjoys the taste of food more than anything else, for those who knows that even if one is in a hurry, there is always time to stop and remember the genuine taste of meat — uncompromising, in line with the cooking traditions of our country, bearing the well-deserved quality mark. The quality mark «GURMYASO» is the sign of recipes and GOST’s featuring particularly exquisite tastes for daily enjoyment of our customers.

These products are made at the new meat processing factory of the holding company — KPMZ «Soveren», LLC.