High-quality, ecologically pure and tasty meat should be at every table in Russia. The brand of canned meat «Sweet home» answers all these requirements. It is produced by OBA company since 2004 at a modern specially designed technological line. This product is made in compliance with state standards which guarantee its high quality. Beef and pork in 338g cans are prepared according to a special recipe, so the meat can be used as it is or in the form of first or second course. The dishes from this meat taste as if they are made of fresh meat. This brand also includes two more marks of canned meat: «Turkey in own juice» and «Chicken in own juice», produced since 2005. These are excellent dietetic foodstuffs.

Everybody has one’s Sweet Home — the place to aspire to after a long trip, where somebody loves and waits for us. How wonderful is to feel at the doorstep the smell of tasty food made with love and care! How wonderful is to plunge into the coziness, warmth and caress of our sweet home!

How tasty is the favorite home food for breakfast, dinner or supper!

Favorite dishes — at your home!

The wish of our consumers to eat home food was the main criterion for us of choosing meat dishes in order to collect them under the brand «Sweet Home». We have embodied this wish in a simple series of tasty and flavored meat products under the name «Sweet Home» which at once have become a favorite one. Healthy, nourishing, flavored, tasty, appetizing — we tried to bring a part of happiness and well-being into every house with our products!