In line with the European cooking traditions, experts of CJSC «OVA Companies» have designed a line of delicious pates «Myasnoi Etiket». The series includes four items, each featuring a special taste, unique properties as well an individual color of decoration.

Pork and beef liver pates under the TM «Myasnoi Etiket» are simple and at the same time highly valued appetizers for both holiday and everyday meals. They are rich in Group A and B vitamins.

Chicken liver pate «Myasnoi Etiket» also tastes great; besides, it is rich in folic acid.

Turkey liver pate «Myasnoi Etiket», to which customer are less accustomed, has an even more delicate ingredients and exquisite taste.

Pates «Myasnoi Etiket» are packed into 250 g tin cans with a convenient key for opening.