The Government Reserve is a special federal (all-Russia) reserve of material values, and belongs to the treasury of the Russian Federation.

Throughout the human history, strong countries have always created considerable reserves of food, munitions and fuel to save the countries in times of poor harvest and acts of Gods, and to supply the army during wars.

Tsar Mkhail Fedorovich Romanov once wrote to one of his generals in 1629: «Take great care of your reserves». Today, these words are the motto of Rosreserv (the Government Reserve of Russia).

Since 1997, «OVA» has been supplying to Rosreserv, and now these products are oered to a wide range of buyers. «Canned beef», GOST, superior grade. The recipe is as per GOST-54033-2010.

Shipped in special boxes. Packed into 325 g cans made of special grade tin  2-11, tinning class 2, 0.22 mm thick; the can is super strong and highly resistant to corrosion. Shelf life of the «Reserv» products is 5 years.