«Russian Crotchet» — meat specialty of premium class.

The compounding was developed in the USSR in the thirties of the last century. Now the choice meat is packaged in 325 g cans with an «easy open» lid and a multi-color polygraphy on the can.

The splendor and vim of Russian imperial festivities were with delight described by foreign guests. Special attention was paid to the viands which struck their imagination.

High society feasts were famous for the meat crotchets which indulged the connoisseurs in finesse and exquisite quality, and skill of their preparation.

In modern dynamic world one has not enough time to create such masterpieces at the kitchen-range.

More and more often we have to take a snack in hurry, forgetting the real taste of meat prepared according to Russian traditions which emphasized the nuances of enjoyment and pleasure of meals.

Meat delicacy deserving your attention!

In the product line «Russian Crotchet» we have recovered the recipes of Russian high-society cuisine, retaining its originality in the industrial production. The momentary popularity and avalanche demand of this brand evidence the exact hit into the scale of superfine tastes of Russian meat specialties.

We are those who deliver «Russian Crotchet» to your table. Please enjoy it!