It’s always the same… As you come home tired after work, the first thing you want to do is to lie down for a while, to watch a favorite TV program, but you need to feed a hungry mob!

This is a women’s lot: to stand at a kitchen-range after work for an hour at least. Or, on the rare days when the man is cooking, the result is predictable — expensive and wasteful. And when the children are alone, how much is to be cooked and put into the fridge, for they can just warm it later!

Everybody wants one’s relatives to be replete and healthy!

We understand your needs, trying to share them with you, and our collection of ready-to-use dishes «Everybody to the Table!» proves this!

«Everybody to the Table!» — that’s exactly what you will say to your eager family folks in several minutes after you open a can of such a specialty that nobody would guess that you haven’t cooked it yourself! So, come on, eat it up!