The Sberbank and the holding company “Zalesie” implementing artificial intelligence in agricultural production in the region


“Sberbank is one of the engines of digitalization of financial and related services in Russia. Together with companies in our ecosystem, we are actively developing innovative solutions in a wide range of areas. The introduction of unmanned technologies will allow agribusiness companies to review production processes and give a new impetus to the development of agriculture in the Kaliningrad region,” Viktor Ventimilla Alonso said.

The hardware and software complex Cognitive Agro Pilot is designed for managing agricultural machinery. The harvester will not enter the field without a machine operator – it will be at its workplace, in the cabin, and will be able to focus on the quality of harvesting crops, explained Andrey Romanov. Autopilot, in turn, will analyze data on the state of crops, possible obstacles to the passage of the combine, and generally monitor the progress of work. Participation of the system should reduce crop losses and equipment failures in the “hot time” of the harvesting campaign.

“Artificial intelligence will look at what is happening, how the situation is changing, and react to it. And we expect that the reaction will be quite high, and this will minimize the human factor. The problems associated with it were, are and will be, because a person is not a robot. Therefore, the task of implementing mechanization and artificial intelligence systems in all industries is clear, in order to reduce the burden on each employee, ” commented the Chairman of the Board of the agricultural enterprise “Zalesye”.

He stressed that in 2020, the use of artificial intelligence in the harvesting campaign is a pilot. To begin with, the cognitive Agro Pilot complex is planned to be installed on the “TORUM 785″ combine harvester available in the company’s fleet. The results of the system implementation will be summed up at the end of the season.