All-Russian student rescue corps

OVA provided humanitarian food support in the form of canned meat for VKS volunteers (all-Russian student rescue corps). Students-rescuers of VKS participate in emergency response, often work “in the fields” or on exercises in difficult conditions, where camping rations are needed.


The all-Russian student rescue corps is one of the largest student volunteer organizations in the Russian Federation. It was formed in 2001. The VCS consists of more than 8,000 volunteers from 67 regions of the Russian Federation. All rescue students receive special training to provide qualified assistance to special services in emergency situations, as well as for regular information and preventive work with the population in the field of safety culture. Classes are held on the basis of the all-Russian center for coordination, training and retraining of student voluntary rescue units of RTU MIREA, as well as on the basis of regional branches of the VKS.

The corps participates in the unified state policy in the field of prevention and elimination of emergencies caused by accidents, catastrophes, natural disasters and other disasters; provides civil and Patriotic education of Russian youth; assists the government in solving the main tasks of the state youth policy.

Over the years, difficult daily work of all-Russian student rescue corps received recognition in many departments of EMERCOM of Russia, has established itself as a demand-driven structure.

Today VKS is an all-Russian rescue team that conducts rescue operations, takes part in the elimination of major Federal emergencies, projects of the Ministry of emergency situations, youth forums and competitions. We also provide security at events of various levels and train people how to act correctly in case of emergencies.

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